” In 1985 while I was renting in San Francisco, Sally found me a single family home in Westchester in a buyers’ market. After persuading the elderly owners to allow me the first visit, I had sufficient time to fly down, see the home and buy it! Ten years later when I left Ca., she managed the home for one year and then sold it (in a recession.)

In 2012 I returned to Ca., having sold my previous home in IL. but with nowhere to live. Sally rescued me once again and, after reviewing my budget, took me to view condos in several different locations. This was at the start of the Ca. property recovery and prices were edging up. Due to her attention to detail and because over the (many) years we have become close friends, she was able to discover the perfect place for me. I have lived in some very nice homes – this latest is my favorite.

While there are many competent realtors, I have yet to meet any as effective in the ways that distinguish ‘good’ from ‘marvelous’ …as Sally Paquette. She goes above and beyond what is required to Make The Sale or The Purchase. And that is what sets her apart from the many. “